How to Spend a Tasteful Day in Spokane

Admittedly, I’m an Idahoan at heart and am passionate about all Coeur d’Alene has to offer visitors.  Our neighboring city of Spokane, however, has a remarkable allure and worthy attraction all its own.  The afternoon spent there yesterday, on my first “culinary tour,” was definitely worth repeating!

foodie tour of Spokane, near Coeur d'AleneNot knowing what to expect, I figured a culinary tour would entail huge meals, over indulgence and leaving with the regret of an overly full stomach.  This couldn’t have been further from our experience with Savor Spokane, as the food stops were more like fun breaks, well-timed refreshment along our walking tour of the town.

A small group of us were lead on a sight seeing, story telling, history learning, river viewing, culinary tasting, friend making delight of an afternoon. The time passed quickly, as we walked a lovely path along the river, through town and from local restaurant to local restaurant.

Along the way we learned the significance of various art, buildings, people, events and geological structures.  Far from stuffy, it was a light-hearted, friendly environment, purposely crafted and energized at each step, by our knowledgeable guide Lesley.

Personally, I will join this tour many times more in the future, bringing local friends and sharing the experience with guests who visit from across the country.  Is there anything better?  Don’t know, I hear there’s also a wine tour….

4 Family Vacation Disounts

4 Family Vacation Discounts to make your vacation funner and easier.

A lot of us are used to the “do it yourself” methods to try and save money.  We try to fix our cars, plan our weddings and book vacations all on our own. Doing these things ourselves has proven to be an effective way to save money and if you are good at it everything works perfectly. It’s a good way to get great deals and there are a lot of online tools to help you “do it yourself”. Family vacation planning is now at your fingertips. boating on lake cda, cda vactions

However, there is a better way to plan your family vacation.  Businesses are adapting to the high standards and high levels of service demanded by customers of today. They are also responding the the savvy “do it yourselfer”. Free services are now available to customers who are planning their own weddings and vacations. Not only can this help you find the perfect vacation deal, these high service businesses can save you a lot of money, time and frustration.

  • FREE Vacation Rental Shopping

Vacation Rental Authority (VRA) offers such a services and has many options for your vacation that are free or at discount rates.   VRA offers free booking services for vacation rentals as well as extensive shopping assistance for online shoppers. Just pick up the phone and call them at 800-679-3661 or email By providing your specific needs to Vacation Rental Authority they can send you information on several homes that fit your vacation rental needs.

  • Coeur d’Alene Vacation Packages

If you are looking for vacation packages just ask. Vacation Rental Authority works hand in hand with many local attractions and tour operators. Their efforts allow guests to package rafting trips, fishing guides, boat rentals, catering, event planning and so much more with your vacation rental. Not only that, but VRA can offer you a discounted rate on many of those activities you plan to do. With wholesale pricing, VRA can offer great prices on all those fun events and attractions. VRA can add a boat at the lowest rates available in the Coeur d’Alene area on new Jet Skis, Ski boats and Pontoon boats. Canoes and kayaks are also available. Just ask Vacation Rental Authority to package your vacation rental with tickets, catering or rentals that fit your specific needs and watch the savings add up.

  • Discount Silverwood Tickets

If you are planning on a visit to the Northwests largest theme park, Silverwood tickets are available at a discount for all guests of Vacation Rental Authority.  When you book vacation property management, property management, vacation rentals, coeur dalene vacation rentals. cda vacationsyour family vacation rental with Vacation Rental Authority you will receive $5 off each ticket. You can save a bundle.

  • FREE Maps and travel guides

If you are visiting Coeur d’Alene for the first time or planning a return trip or family vacation, it is always wise to speak with a local to find the best places to visit. Vacation Rental Authority offers free maps and a free Coeur d’Alene Travel Guide so you can see exactly where to dine, shop, hike, rent boats, go swimming or book a tour.

You may not even know some of the most popular event and attractions. Request a Vacation rentals cda, horseback riding, horseback riding cda,map and travel guide from VRA early in you planning stages and you will have plenty of time to pour over the information and see just how fun Coeur d’Alene can be.

It’s time that smart shoppers take advantage of these FREE vacation deals and use the services that businesses like Vacation Rental Authority are offering.  These services can make your vacation planning so much easier and save a lot of money. What a great way to do business and find everything you want in your next vacation. High service and no cost equals one heck of a deal and leaves the whole process in your hands. Perfect for the “do it yourselfer”.

Just click on the image below to request your FREE personal shopper. No credit card or commitment required.

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Keep it Simple: 3 Best Family Vacations

Planning the best family vacation ever, year after year, can be time consuming and daunting.  After all, family vacations require activities conducive to a variety of ages, interests and attention spans.  On top of that, there’s a budget to contend with.

Luckily, I’ve discovered the solution to the planning angst, producing the best family vacation year after year.  We’re talking family bonding, togetherness, memories to last a life time…the works! So don’t despair. Whether overwhelmed with endless vacation ideas, or drawing a complete blank, the following fool-proof list will help.

Armed with the workplace training concept KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid), I’ve parred the best family vacation choices down to the very reasonable number 3.  These 3 best family vacations can be mixed and matched, rotated or otherwise selected throughout the years, and you can absolutely not go wrong!

Best Family Vacation #1: Lake House with Boat

Best Family Vacation - Lake House with BoatRenting a lovely waterfront vacation rental has to be one of the very best family vacations ever.  From the youngest family member to the oldest, there is instant entertainment.  Play a few games, eat some good food, talk and enjoy the view.  In between, play in the water, swim, layout on rafts, and spend fun times boating!

Before renting a home, I recommend asking whether a rental boat can be delivered to your dock.  The management company or home owner should be able to provide pricing, along with a lake map or suggested site seeing.  No one will forget this incredible family vacation.

Best Family Vacation #2: Theme Park Experience

Best Family Vacations - theme park experienceIf you’ve ever thought Disneyland has “been done,” or is too expensive, you’re right!  Prices are sky high, lines are out of sight…my question to those of you who are considering such a stressful, expensive trip is just WHY?

The largest theme park in the northwest covers hundreds of acres, including incredible roller coasters, family rides, games, attractions, shops, and even a full sized water park.  I’m talking about Silverwood Theme Park, just north of Coeur d’Alene in Athol, Idaho.  It is a must-see, unforgettable experience for the whole family – toddlers to grandma.

As someone who has been to theme parks across the nation, including Busch Gardens, multiple Six Flags, Knotts, Magic Mountain, Disneyland AND Disney World, I can tell you from first hand knowledge that Silverwood will not disappoint! You can spend several days there and nobody will be bored.  In fact, Silverwood my favorite theme park ever due to the quality and size combined with the great price and short lines.  Love.

Best Family Vacation #3:  Nature Adventures

Best Family Vacation - Back to Nature on the Hiawatha TrailSpending the vast majority of the year in an office, in school, in our house, and just generally inside…the best family vacation #3 involves spending active time outdoors.  There is nowhere better to get back to nature with all ages than the northwest.  The air is fresh, crisp and inviting.  The views are breath-taking and memorable.  And the variety is ideal to satisfy every taste.  Discuss your desired activity level with your local vacation rental reservationist for trail suggestions and maps.

My recommendation is to stay in a centrally located vacation rental.  After a day of hiking Chilco Mountain, biking the Hiawatha, or strolling the scenic Centennial Trail, there is nothing in the world better than a home cooked meal and evening in.  Ask for grocery delivery, a catered meal or even a private chef 🙂

Enjoy your best family vacation ever!!

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Family Vacation “Home Base”

If you want the  Best Family Vacation…

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    You need a command post

Your family vacation is going to be fun, a whirlwind of small adventures packed into a week long event you have been planning for months, or has it been years.  You have event tickets, dining options, attractions to see, boats to rent and tours to attend.  This family vacation should be nothing short of amazing.

With all the fun you have planned, you still have to think about meals, laundry, shopping and transportation to and from everything. You have tried a boxy hotel room in the past, and you know how that ends up.  Everything and everyone on your family vacation, family vacation ideas, family vacationscrammed into a small room with 2 chairs and the whole wonderful crowd gathered on the bed. Along with the pizza, soda and napkins. 

It’s time for something better for your next vacation…a vacation rental home.  You need room to live a little even during the regular daily rituals. Better yet, make dinner a family vacation event, put your laundry in the hands of experts who can get it done for you, or use your own washing machine in your vacation home laundry facilities.  You can have your own garage parking or park your boat at your private dock.  Your “home base” can make your family vacation easy, fun and even make the daily tasks memorable.

Keep your bedrooms for what they are meant for and your family can gather in the large living rooms to watch TV or surf the free WiFi. Enjoy your own private outdoor living space and relax in a private hot tub. Fully stocked kitchens, formal dining rooms, breakfast bars and living spaces that don’t require you to try to fit a weeks worth of family fun into a small hotel room are all part of the package.

Vacation Rentals for Families

Book your next vacation with Vacation Rental Authority and you can make your family vacation the best one yet.  It’s really a simple solution to so many problems.  Your family can all have access to everything they need during the day without having to send someone down the hall for ice. You will also have luxury accommodations for those times when you need to be at “home base” or want to stay in. Make every minute of your family vacation special and rent a luxury vacation rental home for your next family vacation.

Each rental comes with unique offerings and amenities. Not only that but Vacation Rental Authority offers full concierge along with free emergency and maintenance services.  You can get a wonderful vacation home for your family so everyone has a bedroom and you can all share the rest of the home.  Share the chores, share the fun and everyone can be ready for the next adventure coming your way.

A quality, professional service like Vacation Rental Authority can make a family vacation easier, more enjoyable and more affordable. If you are sharing your vacation with brothers, sisters, mom or dad, you can each have a separate room and find a home that is much less than hotels would cost. Add in a couple friends and you can reduce the cost even more while keeping private space for yourself.

Discount Silverwood tickets are also available from Vacation Rentals Authority.  Boat rentals at the lowest prices in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho’s best BBQ for only $20/person delivered to your door and so much more. All these offers are available to guests of VRA and you can not only save money but have the time of your life.

If you would like more information about Vacation Rental Authority or a FREE Coeur d’Alene Travel Guide for your next family vacation, just click on the button below.

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Family Vacation Planning

Family Vacations are coming

It’s time to start planning your family vacation and like always you are wise enough to start early. Right?  Getting an early start is important.  Most resort destination fill up early, up to a year in advance. Starting late does not mean you are out of luck but it does mean that many of the prime properties are at least partially booked, limiting your choice of arrival dates.

Searching for a destination for a family vacation is also very challenging.  What criteria are you most interested in, price, location, amenities, quality or all of the above.  Choosing a location is really up to you, but your decision may be limited by your exposure to advertising.  Don’t be afraid to search for beautiful destinations for a family vacation outside of the norm and they may even be closer to home. Not only can you find 5 star destinations close in but you can save days of vacation time by reducing your travel time.

Shop for local destinations, within 500 miles or within a single day of airline travel time. Look for high quality, cost effective locations with 5 star amenities.  Ask a local booking agent about attractions and activities, you may be surprised with what you find.

Once you have found a nearby destination with 5 star properties and attractions the whole family will love, check on prices.  Run the numbers for travel, lodging and tickets to the local activities.  Add in more for dining and equipment rentals so you are considering all the fun of a vacation.  Don’t forget to plan shopping trips and purchasing souvenirs.

Once your pricing is complete take a close look at your schedule and notice how much extra time you will have for your vacation.  Your travel time is reduced your costs are much, much lower and your 5 star vacation will be packed with fun, activities, dining and shopping, all within budget and over a longer time to enjoy your family.

Coeur d’Alene Idaho is a 5 star family vacation destination.  CDA offers unparalleled scenic beauty, dining options that rival large cities, stunning waterfront homes, great resort area, the northwest’s largest amusement park and prices that make a vacation so affordable you don’t have to choose just a few activities.

Local destinations do not disapoint.  By haveing more time to spend with family and more money available to pruchase extras you can make a family vacation a wonderful event for each member of your family.  To learn more about a family vacation in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho please click on the button below and request your personal shopper.

Vacation Rental Authority is here to help you find everything you need for your family vacation at no added cost to you. Let Robert or Cheryl help you find the 5 star fun you are looking for.

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