Diamond Cup Vacation Rentals

Diamond Cup Lodging 

Coeur d’Alene Vacation Rental Authority


Diamond Cup lodging the way it should be!  That’s what a vacation rental offer to guests who choose this option over the same old rooms they are used to staying in.  Now what does all this mean?  Lets us a nice list to show what we can do with Vacation Rental Authority homes.

  • up to 6 bedrooms (sometimes more)
  • Lots of bathrooms
  • Hot Tubs
  • Saunas
  • Gyms
  • Game rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • TV
  • WiFi (Free)
  • Large yards
  • Fire Pits
  • Fire Places
  • Game rooms
  • Quality linens
  • Free Laundry
  • Excellent parking
  • Full kitchens
  • Office spaces
  • Spice racks, dishes, pots, pans, more
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Formal Dining
  • So much more

It’s just the beginning of a long list of amazing options you can find with vacation rental homes from vacationrentalauthority.com 


Why Choose a Vacation Rental

Coeur d’Alene’s Vacation Rental Authority

Your best choice when it comes to options

A vacation rental is affordable, private, quality lodging that comes in many shapes, forms and locations.  You may be surprised at the quality and affordability of modern vacation rental homes found in Coeur d’Alene but you will be amazed when you see the variety of options available for your vacation or getaway.

Vacation rentals are private properties that have been converted into modern nfl vacation, luxury lodging, clear of personal items but fully stocked with everything a vacationer needs to cook dinner, BBQ, watch TV or hit the internet. Towels, linens, lots of pillows and plenty of dishes for dining in house are just the start.

Hot Tubs, waterfront, docks, boats, lake and mountain views, saunas, gyms, game rooms, theater rooms, in town condos and townhouses, estates and more.  You can find everything you need at a vacation rental for the same price you would pay for a hotel.

Room, room and more room! Share a large vacation home with your extended family or friends.  Vacation homes are stocked to accommodate medium to large groups and often offer outdoor areas for weddings and other events.

Don’t be shy about asking about party size and requesting special equipment or recreational items.  Find what suits you and book soon so you don’t miss out on the Vacation Rental of your choice.

Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup | Hydroplane Racing

diamond cup, coeur d'alene diamond cup lodging, pic

Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup

The hydroplane races are coming  to Coeur d’Alene this Labor Day weekend and this is going to be one of the most exciting events to hit North Idaho in Years.   In a fun filled town like Coeur d’Alene that is saying a lot.

The Diamond Cup going to make the Labor Day weekend a real celebration to kick off the Fall vacation season.  The summer may be winding down but that does not mean the fun is over.  Beginning with H1 racing hitting speeds of over 200 miles per hour, we will be racing into Fall fun.

Vacation Rental Authority has vacation rental homes, condos and rental boats available for this huge event.  Book now for best selection and be sure to take advantage of the lower prices that last minute bookings allow for.

Vacation rentals are a great way to share expenses with your friends and family and book an amazing home with features you will be amazed with.  Just think about a 5 bedroom home with a great room, gourmet kitchen, a hot tub or a waterfront home with a dock so you can boat to and from the race.

Visit vacationrentalauthority.com to see what is available and get ready for Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup.

Coyote Lodge | Coeur d’Alene Vacation Rental Home

Coeur d’Alene Vacation Rentals

Coyote Lodge Coeur d’Alene newest vacation rental

Coyote lodge is Coeur d’Alene’s newest vacation rental and this place is incredible.  Featuring a large comfortable main home with 5 bedroom and beds for 15 people.  Combine the main lodge with the 2 bedroom coyote den and you can sleep 21 people comfortably.  

You can book Coyote Lodge with Vacation Rental Authority at 800-679-3661 and you may want to hurry.  This Lodge has everything to make your vacation a great one.Image

A vacation rental with an outdoor fireplace is a great place for friends and family to gather while the hot tub allows our guest to relax  after a long day on the ski slopes.  Of course this vacation rental home has everything from Satellite TV and WiFi to cozy fireplace and gourmet kitchen.  

Coyote lodge is located in the heart of our community in a quiet neighborhood just minutes from downtown, shopping, dining, cocktails and of course easy driving distance to all our fantastic attractions.  Silverwood, Silver Mountain and so much more is waiting for your next vacation.  

Huckleberry Identification tips

Identifying Huckleberries in North Idaho

  • idaho huckleberry picking, huckleberries in cda Deciduous Shrubs ranging in height from 6″ to 5 feet tall
  • Leaves have serrated edges and are oval in shape
  • The green Leaves are up to 1 1/2″ long and alternate on the stem
  • Berries are deep blue to dark purple
  • Berries are small rarely growing over 1/2″ in diameter
  •  Elevation range from 2000 – 11000 ft
  • Berries are found in July to October

picking huckleberries, huckleberry picking in idaho

Just keep picking those huckleberries and look here for recipes and freezer storage ideas.

Huckleberry Heaven 2013

Finding Coeur d’Alene Huckleberries in 2013

Huckleberries in early July

Huckleberries as big as blueberries?  Sure you have heard stories of those great crops of sweet, huge huckleberries found some distant, hard to recall year far in the past.  Well those days are here again with HUGE huckleberries thick on the bushes and it’s only July 14.

Huckleberries are on and ready for picking if you can find the right location.  Now I wont give away secret information passed on by close friends and loosed liped neighbors.  These are secret locations guarded jealously and such a betrayal would never be forgiven.  However I can advise you on what to look for to find the sweet treasure you are seeking.

Huckleberries begin to ripen early on lower south facing slopes.  Meaning start low in the mountains and work your way up mountain slopes that get direct sunlight all day long.  As the year continues you will find berries higher in the mountains and on North facing slopes.  Berries should be available until late September if you look in the right place.

We picked huge, ripe huckleberries for about an hour without any need to search for a good location.  They were just a few feet from the road, extremely plentiful and very large.  We have about 1 1/2 gallons and just finished up a huckleberry coffee cake.  What a productive day.

Visit Coeur d’Alene in September and get great low prices on luxury vacation homes and we would be happy to share our huckleberries with you.



How to rent a Vacation Rental home in Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Have you ever seen something so beautiful, or had an experience so joyful, you wished everyone you love could experience it too? That’s how we feel about the 4 seasons of North Idaho! 

  • Quick and easy booking is just the beginning of our guests vacation experience. Book online, email or call to book today.
                   Call today 800 679-3661
                   Email us    info@vacationrentalauthority.com
  • Choose from our many luxury vacation homes.  Use our search menu to find an amazing home for your vacation.
  • Follow that up with local concierge services to assure all guests are personally attended to and we know we will keep guests coming back each year.  Our visitors love our local lakes, rivers and mountains and they will love staying in vacation rental homes. 

Whether visiting Lake Coeur d’Alene for a weekend, several months, or here to stay, Vacation Rental Authority is North Idaho’s premier rental team. You’ll find we outshine the competition, and the difference is clearly demonstrated in our focus, attitude & service. 

Visit vacationrentalauthority.com to find out more.vImage

Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup 2013Hydroplane H1 RacingHydroplane racing is

Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup 2013

Hydroplane H1 Racing

Hydroplane racing is returning to CDA this Labor Day weekend.  This is going to be an exciting event with fun for everyone.  Get ready for fast racing action withH1 racing hitting speeds over 200 miles an hour, on the water!

Vacation Rental Authority has tickets and vacation packages that will get you out onto the water to watch the race and into a stunning waterfront vacation home after the race.  Luxurious prices for fine homes, catering and boats for your complete  Diamond Cup  weekend.

Find Lodging and more at vacationrentalauthority.com

Huckleberry Picking in North Idaho

Huckleberry Picking in North Idaho

Fresh berries

Huckleberry Picking Paradise

There are huckleberries all around this area. Take exit 15 from I90 and head north along Fernan Lake rd. You will travel about 7 miles up to a large parking area with several roads leading away from it. Begin you exploration along any road, just get out and walk at least 50 feet off the road to look for good berries. Most berries right on the road will be picked.

A couple of tips from The Guide to North Idaho.

1. The mountains of the Coeur d’Alenes are known for their abundance of huckleberries, a round, purple berry native to North Idaho. Sunlight enhances production, so the best berry picking is usually found along abandoned logging roads, in areas where timber has been harvested or where forest fires have occurred.

2. The huckleberry is an erect shrub ranging from one to five feet tall. By mid-June, berries on south facing lower slopes are ripe. Good picking is as late as October on north slopes. Abundant huckleberry picking spots are available throughout North Idaho. Best picking is between late July and early Augus


Visit Vacation Rental Authority to book a vacation today.

Year 4 of the Lemhi Valley Century

Podunk Meets Paradise

Saturday’s Lemhi Valley Century Ride served as a good reminder for a lot of things.

1.  If given two options: a) ride 100 miles on Highway 28 with 35 of those miles being a long grind up a 7200 foot summit, or b) ride 65 miles on the supposedly downhill stretch and pretend you know that roughly calculates to 100 kilometers (Canadian for “mile”) — always choose option B.

2.  Riding a bike 65 American miles on a highway is hard. We should conserve fossil fuels.

3.  Bike rides with a BBQ and a keg of Bertram’s beer at the end are better than those without.
4.  You can so get a flat tire riding on the highway, and your sidekick Lucy is so smart for bringing a spare tube and her fancy new bike tools even though there was no cactus in sight.

5.  June and Whit McKinney should…

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Year 4 of the Lemhi Valley Century

Podunk Meets Paradise

Saturday’s Lemhi Valley Century Ride served as a good reminder for a lot of things.

1.  If given two options: a) ride 100 miles on Highway 28 with 35 of those miles being a long grind up a 7200 foot summit, or b) ride 65 miles on the supposedly downhill stretch and pretend you know that roughly calculates to 100 kilometers (Canadian for “mile”) — always choose option B.

2.  Riding a bike 65 American miles on a highway is hard. We should conserve fossil fuels.

3.  Bike rides with a BBQ and a keg of Bertram’s beer at the end are better than those without.
4.  You can so get a flat tire riding on the highway, and your sidekick Lucy is so smart for bringing a spare tube and her fancy new bike tools even though there was no cactus in sight.

5.  June and Whit McKinney should…

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Mica Bay Vacation Home on Lake Coeur d’Alene

Mica Shore Vacation Home

June Vacation Specials

June Vacation Specials

$95 a night per person and up to 16 people can sleep in these King and Queen beds.

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Coeur d’Alene Skeet and Trap Team


Sacrifice to the Photo Gods

Coeur d'Alene Skeet and Trap Team

Had the opportunity to create a poster for the Coeur d’Alene High School Skeet and Trap team, after they won their back to back Idaho State championships. Way to go guys!!

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cedar strip kayaks, hollow wood sup
    New complete instruction manual for strip built kayaks canoes and SUP’s

This new cedar strip boat building manual is now available at Amazon and Kindle.  Learn how to build your own paddle board, kayak or canoe.


Its a great way to spend those cold winter days dreaming about the coming summer fun on the water while you build a boat that will perform like no other.

Click on the picture or this link to go to Amazon to purchase. Just $9.99.

Fully illustrated with pictures and images to help you build your first or 10th boat.





Dog d’Alene

Stuck in North Idaho


Two of my favorite summer kick-off events are this weekend! I’ll post about the second tomorrow, but today is going to the dogs. Literally.

Dog d’Alene is the only downtown event that’s solely for dogs and their owners. This is the fifth annual Dog d’Alene, it’s held on 6th and Sherman behind the Parkside tower.

Even if you’re not a dog owner, there’s a lot to check out! Here’s the full schedule:

10 a.m. –  AJ’s Tail and Trails walk and vendor booths open
10:45 a.m. – Obedience Dog Demo
11:15 a.m. – Best Trick Contest (free entry)11:30 a.m. – Best Tail Wag/Best Smile (free entry)
11:45 a.m. – Rescue Dog Owner’s Recognition
Noon – Idaho Disaster Dogs Demo
12:30 p.m. – Tallest/Shortest Dog Contest (free entry)
12:45 p.m. – Sheep Herding Demo
1:15 p.m. – Ugly Dog, Costume, Cutest Puppy, Owner Look-alike, Prettiest Female, and Handsome Male Contests

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vacation homes,
June lake front vacation home deals  

June is a great month to get out on the water and vacation in Coeur d’Alene.  The beaches are warm and the lake is wide open before the crowds arrive.  Not only that but preseason specials are hot and you can still find vacation homes available.  June is the time for an early season getaway.

Vacation Rental Authority has 3 stunning luxury vacation homes with availability in June that is just not easy to find.  These homes offer private docks, ski boats, pontoon boats and luxurious rooms for relaxing and dining.  If you need catering or dinner delivered Vacation Rental Authority is available for all your concierge needs.

Visit vacationrentalauthority.com to find out more or better yet call them at 800-679-3661 to arrange your spring getaway.

Business Matters at Blackwell Hotel

Business Matters at Blackwell Hotel

Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center

I recently visited the oldest building in Post Falls, a historical landmark beautifully restored.  Previously 2 church buildings, it now houses an active arts and cultural center.

Beautiful historic building in Post Falls, ID

With art shows upstairs, in lovely light, plus performing arts, musicians, cooking classes and much more, this local gem is a “must visit” for everyone in the area.

Keep an eye on our events calendar, and visit their website for upcoming performances.  This Friday is a Jazz Concert…can’t wait!

Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center

Mineral Ridge – a popular hiking destination for locals

Make Ironman CDA 2013 an Amazing Family Vacation!

Did you know…it’s not too late to come support your favorite Ironman athlete!

What’s the perfect way to turn the race into an amazing family vacation?  A vacation rental, of course!  Try a comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, convenient to town.  Keep costs reasonable by cooking meals in your own kitchen, kicking the usual hefty deposit to the curb. (No damage deposits!)This is the full N. Idaho experience, with peekaboo view of Lake Coeur d’Alene and a pretty little chicken coop in the back corner of the well maintained yard.  Even enjoy your own house cat, without the hassle.  “Meow-meow” knows when to go outside, so there’s no litter box or feeding schedule to maintain.

VIP discount package to area attractions, boat rentals, bicycle tours, & dining
Exclusive maps of hiking trails, biking trails, atv trails & huckleberry picking locations
6 gourmet cupcakes delivered the day after Ironman
Complete guest services courtesy of Vacation Rental Authority


6 people maximum, please.  Although certainly roomy enough to house more than 6, the septic tank does not allow for any additional capacity.  Pricing is $2900, including all taxes and fees, for up to 7 days.  Contact Cheryl at 800-679-3661 or  loveofidaho@gmail.com to reserve!

Delightful Morning of “Books & Coffee” in Spirit Lake

Bagels, Coffee, Spirit Lake, Books
Largest Bagel in Idaho
These bagels are unbelievable – homemade, chewy & flavorful.
Spirit Lake Coffee & Books Award of Excellence
Award of Excellence
coffee & books in Spirit Lake, ID
Coffee & Books Welcomes You
books & coffee in Spirit Lake
Did we mention books?

Cross Country Skiing at Mt. Spokane

A group of dear friends and I decided to give cross country skiing a try.  About 90 minutes from Coeur d’Alene, Mt. Spokane was an ideal location.  Nordic trails were labelled for every level of difficulty, well-organized with a map and lodge, plus it was not crowded.  Wahoo!

As an alpine skier in years past, I was surprised to find how much different this was.  The skis are narrower, bowed upward, and more difficult to balance on.  On the positive side, the shoes were very comfortable…especially compared to alpine ski boots!

Although we all enjoyed our lesson, and the experience, the consensus was a preference for snow shoeing. We’ll have to try it a couple more times to know for sure.  It’s worth doing, though, there’s no doubt about that!

Stay tuned for pics!!

Liberty Lake Hike







This is a nice synopsis…love the nod to us as the “all-weather” destination we are 🙂

Travelrific® Travel Journal

By Linda Tancs

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is blessed with an abundance of lakes in the region left by glaciers from the Ice Age, including Lake Coeur d’Alene.  No wonder the city bills itself as “Your Lakeside Playground.”  The 25-mile lake plays host to sightseeing and dinner cruises as well as a beach and the world’s longest floating boardwalk at The Lake Coeur d’Alene Resort.  An all-weather destination, the area is home to three ski resorts offering over 131 runs and the West’s driest powder.

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Snow Shoe Adventure Along Pack River








Frozen Lake Pend Oreille






Kids & Pups Play in Sandpoint








Mystical, Magical Morning


Fall leaves are beautiful, sure. But winter trees? Magical!


Today I awoke to shimmery, crystal adorned wonder…


…just had to share.

New Year’s Day in CDA

Polar Bear Swim 2013
Headed toward Lake CDA for the Polar Bear Swim
Eagles in Coeur d'Alene
New Year’s Eagles – They were everywhere! (Lake CDA)
Eagle eating a fish
Breakfast of Fresh Fish
Eagle Pic Overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene
Enjoying the Lake View
Flying Eagle in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Soaring Eagle

American Bucket List

American Bucket List

Seen a Bald Eagle Lately? There is nothing like viewing this American icon up close and personal. Winter is the time to visit Coeur d’Alene, ID. I recommend a private lake tour, which includes common Eagle sighting locations. Majestic! Photo courtesy of Kelly Smith Photography

Breathtakingly Crisp

Breathtakingly Crisp

Kelly Smith Photography

Watch Idaho the Movie!

North Idaho Eagle

I’m excited about a new documentary about the wonders of Idaho, by someone who loves Idaho as much as I do! Can’t wait to see the full movie.

A quote I love from the trailer is “If you’re tired of Idaho, you’re tired of life. There’s always something different, something surprising…” SO TRUE! View the Trailer here: http://vimeo.com/44546590


Snow Baby – We Got It!!

Calling Writers & Coffee Lovers Everywhere

Writer Retreat in N. Idaho, Coeur d'AleneAs a creative-type who loves to be 72 degrees at all times, there is nothing like a cool breeze and brisk mountain air to get the creative juices flowing!  Admittedly it’s more like 50 degrees today, but with the help of some fuzzy socks, jeans, long sleeves and a hot drink, the temp is just right.

After a summer of iced coffee and cold drinks to get my caffeine fix, today is that first perfect day of fall for a steamy, milky and oh so yummy cup of hot coffee.  Maybe two.  For me it’s a classic cafe au lait (2/3 coffee +  1/3 milk), and my favorite winter boots that have me in a deliciously creative mood. Next I’ll take a stroll along the Centennial Trail, which would be perfect this afternoon!

But even better, I had the idea for a writer’s retreat, right here in the N. Idaho mountains next October. Picture it…fall colors all around, brisk breezes churning up imaginations, a warm fire dancing in the common room, and pensive writers all around, wrapped loosely in cozy blankets.  And there would be coffee…lots and lots of hot coffee!

Let the Pulitzer Prizes begin…

Chain Lakes are ideal for paddling, as there are wetlands joining each of the lakes. Fewer motor boats allows for quiet navigation and increased wildlife sightings.

Heirloom Paddle Sports

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Part 3: What Do You Want From Me?

In our continued quest to understand each other, For the Love of Idaho introduces Part 3: What Do You Want From Me? 

Here’s what we’re asking.  Let us be your friend in North Idaho, for the inside scoop of where to stay, what to do and where to go!  Simply book a vacation home or vacation package on our full service site launching October 18, 2012 www.vacationrentalauthority.com.

As longtime lovers of Idaho, we hope to share her four seasons of beauty and fun with you soon.  Each time you visit can be the experience of a lifetime, and we’re here to help make that happen…for the love of Idaho!

Part 2: Who Knew?

Thank you for joining us as we provide insight into who we are, what we do and who knew what – when. Part 2: Who Knew?  expands upon our purpose, while providing examples of what Guest Services are really about.

Once you have a memory-making place to stay  via Vacation Rental Authority (see Part 1: What’s the Point? ), it’s time to take your vacation to the next level at no cost to you.  Our local experts answer your questions and point you to the best hiking, biking, skiing or swimming spots in the area.

Want a private boat tour of Lake Coeur d’Alene?  No problem.  Need ski passes for Schweitzer, 49 Degrees or Silver Mountain?  We have them. Bike rentals? Paddle boards? Photographer for unforgettable family photos? Done. Our contact list is long and we take care of as much (or as little) as you like.

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg – we have an infinite number of resources available for you, including our Travelers Newsletter “Love of Idaho”.

And that concludes this mini-bite into the passion, purpose and inspiration behind For the Love of Idaho.  Stay tuned for Part 3!

Families that “Booo!” Together, Stay Together

If your family enjoys Halloween together, there’s an important bonus.  When adrenaline is running high, it provides a special bonding opportunity for parents and their teens or pre-teens!

Halloween in Coeur d'Alene, Halloween in Post Falls, Halloween in IdahoHere’s an idea to pump up the enjoyment (and bonding)…surprise them with a spooky-fun adventure!

This year you can make unforgettable memories with a Coeur d’Alene trip (or stay-cation) like nothing your family could have imagined.  Plan your 3 night, 5 night or 7 night “Halloween Adventure in Spooksville” now:

October 5 – October 29, 2012.


  • Private, premium vacation home fully equipped
  • 3+ bedrooms, pumpkins for carving & local ghost stories
  • All taxes, fees and deposits
  • Scarywood Theme Park (extra night of tickets for 7 day package!)
  • Haunted House in Post Falls
  • Field of Screams: Haunted Corn Maze
  • 3 Additional Corn Mazes, non-haunted

Package Prices (minimum 4 people)

7 Nights in Spooksville:  $489/person including tax

5 Nights in Spooksville: $370/person including tax

3 Nights in Spooksville: $289/person including tax

Make this the best October ever, as you trick AND treat your loved-ones!

Contact Us to Book

Part 1: What’s the Point?

Allow us to introduce ourselves, our philosophies and our purpose in bite-sized pieces!  Part 1: What’s the Point?  is the first scrumptious nibble…

Have you ever seen something so beautiful, or had an experience so joyful, you wished everyone you love could experience it too?  That’s how we feel everyday about living in North Idaho.

For the Love of Idaho is a heartfelt, 4-Season blog run by Vacation Rental Authority owner Cheryl Kerr. Her passion for the water, snow, trees, wildlife and limitless adventure has led her to market the ideal lodging and experiences available from Coeur d’Alene to Sandpoint, Post Falls to Hayden.

Kerr promises “You simply must find your way to North Idaho; see for yourself what all the fuss is about! You will find awe-inspiring views and unlimited possibilities for fun, relaxation, connection and inspiration.”

We’ve found the best way to see the sites is by tapping into the experience and knowledge of friendly locals, so that is exactly what we are in business to do.  At Vacation Rental Authority, we match you with the ideal vacation home for your stay with friends or family.  (Have business in mind?  We have management and project retreat locations that are out of this world!)

That was quick and easy, right?  Now that you know a bit more about us, stay tuned for the next installment.  Perhaps we may (or may not) get to the meat of the matter.

Hike to Chilco Peak

Chilco Mtn Hike is a Fall Adventure in North IdahoHiking to Chilco peak in the fall is an extraordinary experience. The larch trees begin to change color, their leaves fall to the ground covering the trail with a golden layer of the tiny needles. Larch trees are pine trees that lose their needles after they turn yellow in the fall. The walk on the trail, flat, level and lightly dusted with the golden needles is a beautiful sight in the cold fall air.

Chilco Mountain is located in the Coeur d’Alene National Forest just east of Coeur d’Alene Idaho.  The trailhead is accessible by about 10 miles of backcountry gravel roads, the access is fairly easy to find in good weather but inaccessible after deep snow falls. (insert forest service road number this point). Although this hike is challenging it does not require any special equipment other than quality hiking shoes and some cold weather gear.  Be prepared for the cold wind maybe some rain and for a challenging hike up hill and the quick easy decent afterwards, so dress in layered clothing.

North Idaho Fall Hike of Mt. ChilcoThe hike is a challenging two miles uphill the entire way. Once you reach the top, the trail breaks out into an open rocky windswept slope. A chill breeze usually sweeps across the exposed broken rock making the final traverse of the slope cold but exciting. The views are tremendous, looking across the valley of Coeur d’Alene and the Post Falls area.  Stop for a break in a small island shelter of trees and have a snack maybe some coffee before moving on. It’s an exciting moment to feel like your sitting on top of the world.

Although you may be reluctant to leave the beautiful views and scenery you’ll be happy to get out of the cold wind and head back down into the trees. the hike down as much faster of course as it is all downhill. 45 minutes steady walking will bring you back to the trailhead. But you don’t have to rush there is plenty of Wildlife to see so take it slow keep your eyes open.

Remembering Rough Waters on Lake CDA

Heirloom Kayak on Lake CDA - windy day in spring 2012A strong wind came up one day in early April, the sun was up and spring was here. The water temperature was still very cold but it was just what I was waiting for. I couldn’t wait to try out my new kayak in the rough waves. At least as rough as it gets here in Idaho.

I loaded up the two boats and we headed out to the lake. In no time at all we were in our boats in paddling out in the waves. We stayed close to shore we knew we weren’t experienced enough to be out there in those conditions. We had a great time splashing around trying not to tip over in the waves that crossed over the bows of our boats. Constant use of our paddles was required to keep the kayak upright and heading in the right direction.

We aimed at the high waves, driving through the one to crash down into the next. The kayaks rode the water well; the long boats would slash in the waves rising over each as the water washed over the bow. As we traversed along the beach, sideways to the waves, the boats would rise and fall with the waves supported by their secondary stability. The rounded bottom allowed the boats to remain in an upright position as we creased wave after wave.

We were soon tired from constantly having to keep ourselves stable using our paddles as quickly as we could to recover from each wave. The water was too cold on this early spring day to take any chances so we stayed close to shore and paddled to and from shore enjoying the splashing and exciting waves. Now anybody that has been in a sea kayak knows that they are very stable once you are in but they can be difficult to get in and out of while staying dry.

We paddled over to the beach having decided that we needed pictures of this great albeit tame adventure. In a moment of genius I decided to try and hand Cheryl my truck keys while still in our boats. I felt things were going well as I was able to fish my keys out of my back pocket and hold them out to Cheryl. Now remember,  constant use of our paddles was needed to maintain position and keep the boats heading into the waves.

I took a moment to grab my paddle and position my boat carefully alongside Cheryl who apparently felt she was already on shore enjoying a nice ice tea or lemonade in the summer sun. Forgetting her kayak was not an Adirondack chair she upended the kayak exposing the fine artwork along the keel.

Cheryl came up shocked from the cold water and out of breath. We were only a few feet from shore and in shallow enough water to walk out of. The fun of playing in the water quickly became a lesson in safety. We had been careful to stay close to shore and with the air temperatures well above 70 we were able to continue the fun.

I continued to hit the waves and try to surf my 18 ft sea kayak while Cheryl snapped the pictures we needed to remember that wonderful day.

Battleshots, Septemberfest, and International Talk Like a Pirate Day

The upcoming Septemberfest on Saturday Sept. 22nd at the Best Western Coeur d’Alene Inn from 2-8 will feature a similar Battleship Drinking game to the one below…but theirs will be used with beer and boards will be much bigger!!

Come down on Saturday for all you can drink for $20 and play a round of battleship!

Talking like a pirate is optional.

Originally posted on Brew Connect Idaho

Wine Tours in N. Idaho

With the evenings cooling, thoughts turn to Fall…

North Idaho Wine Tour for Fall Girls GetawaySome of my favorite memories are those spent with girlfriends catching up, dreaming and dishing over bottles of wine.  Cool evenings are ideal, and a spectacular view even better.  I recommend October or November in Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls or Sandpoint for beautiful, brisk days and cool, wine tasting nights!

Now that the busy Summer of family activities have wound down, kids are in school and you’ve had a moment to breathe (almost), it’s time to do something for yourself, and reconnect with friends.

A girls’ getaway to North Idaho Wine Country is just what you need, but without putting in all the effort it takes to get something planned.  Let us take care of everything, at no cost to you.  Give Love of Idaho a shout for the best vacation rental homes available, a free girls’ getaway itinerary and a luxury “designated driver” for Fall 2012.  You deserve it, and so do your friends.

Interview with a 10 Year Old

Maggie is in the 5th grade, loves art, dogs, running cross country and is interested in learning gymnastics. Since she lives in N. Idaho, we thought we’d get the inside scoop from a 10 year old.

Q.  What would you say are the best 5 things to do while visiting North Idaho?Biking the Centennial Trail in Post Falls, ID

A.  Swimming, boating, hiking….taking beautiful drives….looking at scenery.

Q.  Hmm.  That’s interesting – what are you doing right now?

A.  Driving down the road in the back seat.

Q.  Do you think kids would like to take beautiful drives and look at scenery?

A.  No – probably not.

Q.  So besides swimming, boating and hiking, what should kids do when they visit Idaho in the Summer?

A.  Go to the movies, and miniature golfing at TriplePlay!

Q.  That sounds fun…what else?  How about something kids can’t do when they’re in their home towns.

A.  Definitely Silverwood.  [local amusement park]  And, drink hot chocolate overlooking the lake.  [first floor of the CDA Resort/Marina].

Now maybe we’re getting somewhere!!

Father Son Bonding this Fall

Summer is a great time to spend with the whole family, but Fall is the time to make Father-Son memories to last a lifetime.  It’s still great weather in North Idaho, and the fishing is sublime.  

If fishing doesn’t take the bonding quite far enough, consider a guided hunting trip.  October and November is the ideal time for guided mule deer, elk, whitetail and bear hunts…tell me this isn’t a trip you will remember forever!Black Bear hunting or fishing

Our service is FREE to the adventurer, and we know where the most amazing local experiences can be found.  Just consider us your best friends, hooking you up with the insider’s version of Idaho hunting and Idaho fishing…that’s the whole idea.  

Let us know what you’re up for, and we’ll take care of everything – accommodations, food, guides, maps, etc!

Happy Fall Bonding.