Considering A Vacation Rental?

With only 23 days until the official start of spring, most of us are looking forward to relaxing days on the lake and time away from work. Many steps go into making a summer vacation memorable and stress-free. Finding lodging that accommodates your whole family and fits with everyone’s interests and needs can sometimes be very challenging. The last thing any of us want when trying to plan our summer vacation is stress concerning where you are going to stay and if it will make everyone happy. Where you stay can impact the overall enjoyment of your vacation in many ways; including location, amenities, cleanliness and services available. Do the kids want a pool? Do you need a microwave, fridge and closet space? Are TV, movies and games available? How many beds do you need? Are you bringing pets on your vacation? All of these traditional questions can play a large part in creating the perfect hassle-free vacation.


The traditional route when looking for a place to stay is a hotel; quick, convenient and easily accessible, hotels have been the go-to lodging option for many years. But as popularity in vacation rentals grows, more and more people are looking into this option for their vacations. Vacation rentals offer many benefits, but they may not be for everyone. Here is my breakdown of staying in a hotel vs. a vacation rental. This guide is meant to help you decide on the best option for you and your unique vacation needs.



(Photo by William Warby)

-Average Sq. Footage: 400 sq. ft

-Average Price (in the US): $118 a night

-Food Costs: Average of $30 a person when eating out three meals a day

-Laundry Services: Average of $10 a garment for laundry or dry cleaning services

-Extras: Movies cost an average of $15 a piece. Valet parking services can cost $20-50 per day

Vacation Rental 


 (Vacation Rental Authority, Lakeside Loft)

-Average Sq. Footage: 2000 sq. ft

-Average Price: A 1,500 sq. foot rental can sleep more than 8. Average price of $99 per night

-Food Costs: With a vacation rental, you’ll have access to a fully equipped kitchen, and be able to save money on eating out at restaurants every day.

-Laundry Services: You’ll also have your own washer and dryer, allowing you to do your own laundry when it is convenient for you, and for free.

-Extras: TV’s, movies, games and more are free in vacation homes. Magazines, books and board games are also available in many homes. You will also have your own garage or parking space, so no parking fees are needed at a vacation home.


So, is it worth it?

In a vacation rental, you’ll have more space for less money, privacy and access to tons of amenities and extras. You’ll also save money on the added costs that come with eating out at restaurants, laundry and parking services. Vacation rentals also give you a wide range of options as to what type of home you can rent; waterfront, pet friendly, condos, cabins, and luxury resort homes are just a few of the options available to you. Finding a great hotel deal is still a viable option, but here at Vacation Rental Authority, we have built our business around the idea that a vacation home is always superior to a hotel stay. Here are some of the services we offer to all of our guests that you cannot get simply staying at a hotel.

What We Offer –

Housekeeping services

Concierge services (Need groceries? We’ll go get them for you)

Free toiletries, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Free dish soap, laundry soap, garbage bags, etc.

Almost all of our rentals have barbecues on site, private beach access, and covered parking.

Most of our rentals have satellite TV service, WiFi, DVD Players, movies, games, and more available for free.

Our rentals all come fully furnished and equipped, with name brand appliances, comfortable bedding and space for 1-15 people.

I’ve never rented a vacation home before, is it easy?

Our staff are all friendly and knowledgeable, and renting one of our vacation homes could not be easier. Our rental process is simple and convenient and our rental agreement is easy to understand. We are here to make your vacation unforgettable and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Simply give us a call at 1-800-679-3661 to request a quote or just inquire about one of our properties. Our guest services manager, Lindsey, is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and we are confident that we have a home that will fit your needs. Ask any of our guests, and they will tell you that their experience exceeded their expectations. Below are only a few of our many properties, call us today or click the link below to view our full selection of rentals!


Mica Bay Lodge
Villa Del Sol
Riverside Harbor
Kokanee Bay Beach House
Rockford Bay Retreat

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