Silverwood History

The 6th Lit Times reports on Silverwood Theme Park

The Silverwood Slap

By: Amber

   Coeur d’Alene, a city in the state of Idaho. With a famous resort, town, and lake. Coeur d’Alene is known on the map mostly for having the Northwest’s largest theme park!

Founder Gary Norton started Silverwood Theme Park after coming here from California, to Spokane. From Gary Norton says “I didn’t do it as a buisness practice, or with a buisness plan; it was just having fun.” You can read more about him and his theme park in “American Theme Park : The Creation of Silverwood”

The park opened June 20, 1988 and wasn’t very successful at first. Currently Silverwood is as long as 216 acres and 34 miles!

Silverwood Theme Park does have a website that tells you about rides and attractions, park information, admission, events and deals, contests, lodging, and groups.

With over 65 rides, slides, shows, and rollercoasters, Silverwood is not as big as Disneyland, but it is the Northwest’s largest Theme Park! So come take a splash in the wavepool, or a ride on the carousel.

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