Rathdrum Rules According Local 6th Grader

Following is an article from 6th Lit Times, expressing one girl’s candid view of Rathdrum, Idaho.

The City Of Rathdrum

by: Aurora

   Rathdrum is a nice place to live. It is not very big and has a couple of restaurants and stores. You can walk about any were if you live in the right spot.

Rathdrum has a train track passing through, so every time you go over one don’t hit your head on the ceiling. The buildings look a little old but that doesn’t mean they look bad. Most of them are still used and have plenty of business and money. There’s a salsa store there that is told to sell good salsa or awesome sauce.

The buildings are always occupied by a couple customers and they’re always nice and cheery. Rathdrum is a nice place, and may sound boring but it truly isn’t so don’t be fooled.

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