Increasing Occupancy for Your Vacation Rental

cda vacation rental management, vacation rentalsBoost your vacation rental occupancy with professional management

The vacation rental business has come a long way in the last 5 years. Although this industry started as a grass roots, mom and pop operation, it has advanced into a very profitable and high value option for property owners.

Operating a vacation rental for fun

If you want to run a vacation rental for fun and profit, you definitely can. You will find a market and customers who are searching for vacation rentals. You can generate income without a lot of effort and enjoy earning some extra income from your small business.

Operating a vacation rental for profit

If you are interested in optimizing the value of your income property and taking your inventment to the highest level, you should consider professional management. Take some time to interview a couple of managers and ask some hard questions. Making the most out of your vacation rental requires a lot of tools, a lot of expertise and experience caring for properties and marketing them to the world.

Vacation rental marketing is extremely important. If you are relying on a lot of free websites and local discount papers, you will completely miss your target. You will pick up a few customers but if you are not booking your vacation rentals full during the busy season and increasing occupancy during the off season, you are falling short of your potential.

Vacation Rental Services for Owners

Professional management must start with full service property care, vacation rental set up and add in marketing, online reservations, guest services and much more.  Property owners should expect a high level of service and look for tools that are far beyond a property management company.

Property management is great for property care and maintenance. It is even good for finding a renter once a year or so. But if you are going to be filling your vacation rental every 3-7 days, you have to have some great tools, or better yet, your vacation rental manager should.

Guests do not have to wait to book, they do not have to send checks or exchange old fashion faxes. Online reservations are the future and information should be provided at the click of a mouse. Many online website offer instant booking, instant responses and instant service. If you keep your guests waiting, they will book somewhere else.

Vacation Rental Services for guests

The limits are endless when it comes to providing services for your vacation rentals. Guests expect a lot and they are willing to pay a premium price for premium services. Expand your customer base by reaching out to everybody and offering a wide variety of services.

Discount lift tickets in the winter, vacation packages, tickets to local attractions are just the beginning of what guest are looking for. Guests ask for catering, wedding planers, boat rentals, high chairs and extra beds. Tours and bike rentals can make or break a deal so your manager better be well connected and extremely helpful.

It’s time to get serious about your vacation rental, if you are not booking for summer 6-12 months in advance you are not reaching your customers. Look for the best and you will find the best. Call Vacation Rental Authority today at 800-679-3661 and ask for a FREE informational packet. Vacation Rental Authority is Coeur d’Alene’s leader in vacation rental management.

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