Surviving Family Vacation Tip: Provide a Bonding Environment

What is a family vacation for, if not to strengthen family bonds?  This survival tip (number 2 in 7 part series) addresses the single most important aspect to achieving this objective: the vacation environment.

Surroundings are important, and the “go to” for many is a good ol’ fashioned hotel. Let’s consider the vacation environment provided by a nice one, with all of the great amenities such as complimentary wi-fi, tv, movies, clean comfortable beds, hot tub, continental breakfast, room service and the like.  Everyone can get rooms near each other, and it will be great, right?

In theory, a nice hotel will be fun and relaxing.  It’s a starting place and “home base” between vacation activities.  In reality, though, even the nicest of hotels become cramped quarters when everyone gathers in one room for games, pizza or to plan the next outing.  Suddenly everyone is very close, and there’s nowhere to breathe!

Two to four family members sharing a room and single bathroom is no big deal for a couple of days.  But four to seven days later it’s a different story…ready for some space to yourself yet?

At the end of a successful family vacation, everyone should be sad to go, missing the time together already.  If staying in a hotel produces the opposite effect of wanting to get back to your own space, the bonding mission hasn’t been as effective as it could be.

Sure, a hotel vacation works fine.  But don’t try to deny it…you will be ready for a break from your family after a week in a series of tiny hotel rooms together, and we both know it! Even very nice hotel rooms.

Isn’t there a better way??

My contention is that a family vacation rental is the ideal alternative.  Keep all the great amenities of a hotel, subtract the cramped quarters, add private common areas just for your family. Next, add a kitchen, dining room table and fenced yard for the kids.  

Anytime of year, a family vacation instantly gets a whole lot more survivable with the magic combination of common gathering rooms (living, dining, den), activity centers (kitchen, yard, hot tub, game room) and private space (bedrooms, bathrooms).

There is no better environment for bonding than one with common gathering spaces, while also allowing for the private space each person needs.  It is so much easier to get along, have fun and truly strengthen family bonds when you are not piled on top of each other the whole time!

Across the country and around the world, you will find quality vacation rental management companies to ensure your high end experience.  In Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding areas, it’s Vacation Rental Authority Inc.  Contact us to help you find the right place for your family at 800-679-3661 or

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