Bald Eagle Tours

Coeur d’Alene Bald Eagle Tours

We drove to downtown Coeur d’Alene to get on a boat during a cold winter morning in Idaho.  We had a huge warm cabin that easily accommodate our party of 112 students and adults.  As we ate lunch, a tour guide gave us a wonderful demonstration using real stuffed eagles so we could identify the birds we were about to see.

These large tour boats hold a lot of people, usually a lot more than actually book a tour so you have a lot of room. The lower levels offer a full bar, snacks and seating inside a huge warm cabin. For the more adventurous you can go out on the front or rear deck or better yet climb to the upper deck to watch eagles from the equally large upper story.  No roof or windows up there so be prepared with warm clothing and fantastic views.

The boat slowly toured the lake as we watched eagles fish all around us. We even saw a couple of the majestic birds of prey catch fish and fly off to their nests.  You could easily see the eagles all along the tour and we also were able to see them in the trees along the shore. Apparently Bald Eagle’s love to sit in trees that are mostly devoid of pine needles and leaves so they can see the territory around them. It was really great to see so many Bald Eagles flying, fishing and even sitting near their nests.

We returned to the lower level to receive a second fun and informative talk from our fantastic guide.  We enjoyed complimentary coffee, hot chocolate and $3 cookies.  Love the cookies so make sure you bring 3 dollars. You can always enjoy the whole adventure from the warmth of the cabin and grab a hot drink and a snack.

These Bald Eagle tours never fail to impress our guests and friends of Vacation Rental Authority. A sure thing to impress your family and friends. Seeing so many Bald Eagle makes this a must see trip for everyone.

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