Huckleberry Heaven 2013

Finding Coeur d’Alene Huckleberries in 2013

Huckleberries in early July

Huckleberries as big as blueberries?  Sure you have heard stories of those great crops of sweet, huge huckleberries found some distant, hard to recall year far in the past.  Well those days are here again with HUGE huckleberries thick on the bushes and it’s only July 14.

Huckleberries are on and ready for picking if you can find the right location.  Now I wont give away secret information passed on by close friends and loosed liped neighbors.  These are secret locations guarded jealously and such a betrayal would never be forgiven.  However I can advise you on what to look for to find the sweet treasure you are seeking.

Huckleberries begin to ripen early on lower south facing slopes.  Meaning start low in the mountains and work your way up mountain slopes that get direct sunlight all day long.  As the year continues you will find berries higher in the mountains and on North facing slopes.  Berries should be available until late September if you look in the right place.

We picked huge, ripe huckleberries for about an hour without any need to search for a good location.  They were just a few feet from the road, extremely plentiful and very large.  We have about 1 1/2 gallons and just finished up a huckleberry coffee cake.  What a productive day.

Visit Coeur d’Alene in September and get great low prices on luxury vacation homes and we would be happy to share our huckleberries with you.



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