How to rent a Vacation Rental home in Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Have you ever seen something so beautiful, or had an experience so joyful, you wished everyone you love could experience it too? That’s how we feel about the 4 seasons of North Idaho! 

  • Quick and easy booking is just the beginning of our guests vacation experience. Book online, email or call to book today.
                   Call today 800 679-3661
                   Email us
  • Choose from our many luxury vacation homes.  Use our search menu to find an amazing home for your vacation.
  • Follow that up with local concierge services to assure all guests are personally attended to and we know we will keep guests coming back each year.  Our visitors love our local lakes, rivers and mountains and they will love staying in vacation rental homes. 

Whether visiting Lake Coeur d’Alene for a weekend, several months, or here to stay, Vacation Rental Authority is North Idaho’s premier rental team. You’ll find we outshine the competition, and the difference is clearly demonstrated in our focus, attitude & service. 

Visit to find out more.vImage

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