Open View Photography

©Ilona McCarty

Sandpoint Idaho knows how to put on a winter carnival. Choices, choices there are many. Dining, shopping, art, music at the historic Panida Theater and fun on the hill at Schweizter Mountain Resort. One of my favorite events which raises cash for the animal shelter is the K9 Keg pull at Eichardt’s Pub. Small dogs pull empty beer cans and large dogs kegs. The cheers, smiles and wagging tails will fill your heart. A good time had by man and beast!

Confession…I am not a fan of chair lifts. Yes, the woman who loves to do high speeds on a Ducati? Or, I can be in the sky, dangling out of a Cessna 185 with the door off, having the time of my life making photographs, no fear. Put me in a chair lift and I want to wet my pants. I am getting over this silliness. Going to…

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